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California, drawings, cattle brands. Courtesy of Autry National Center of the American West
Ed Ruscha (American, b.1937). Main Street (detail), 1990. Lithograph
8.5 х 10.5 in. (21.59 x 26.67 cm.) 
ed ruschaoh no, 2011hand-drilled intaglio on fore-edge of book
Ben Vautier. Art is Useless. Go Home, 1971.
John Baldessari. Sleep While You Grow Rich, 1966-67. Ink on canvas12″ x 12″
Herman Miller and Design: Design Steve Frykholm, 1985
General Motors Technical Center; Eero Saarinen;Warren, Michigan; 1949-1953. Photo by Edward Olencki, 1962.

Наташа Перова
Jacqueline Casey
Jacqueline Casey, 1983.
Shosho Magazine, 1935
Julije Knifer, Untitled, (Meander), 1965, Oil on canvas, 480 x 690 mm
I love Herbert Bayer

Japanese Exhibition Poster: Design Minus Art. Shinnoske Sugisaki. 2008
Marcel Broodthaers. Minuit. 1960. Artist Book